Hello, My name is Danita and I am the owner and creator of justonemoreanimation.com. justonemoreanimation has been around for over 10 years now. Growing more and more every day to become your favorite place when you are shopping for your auction templates. From many FREE auction templates to a larger variety from many great template designers. All in one fun place.

I am also in search of Auction Template designers that would like to showcase their designs on the website. For now you can email me at jomatemplates@gmail.com for more information on how to get your designs displayed on the website so more template buyers can find your designs, or CLICK HERE.

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NEW: Free ebay graphics.  

Check out the newest creations from justonemoreanimation:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY eBay Auction Template

BRAZILIAN STARS Auction Template
All new templates created by justonemoreanimation are now created with a fixed width. This width is to make your listings work much better on most handheld devices without the left and right scrolling. Remember, more and more people are now shopping from their handheld devices so it's important to make sure your listings are working effectively for these new devices.

 Nine Friends Action Template


FROZEN NIGHT Auction Template

PLAYFUL GARDEN Auction Template

Allow your shoppers to view your pictures in your eBay listing template without delaying your page load time with smaller clickable pictures. CLICK HERE to find out how to easily do this to your listings.

New FREE Auction Templates added to the site

Check out the newest FREE auction templates available for you to use in your auction listings today.

eBay Buzzzzz

Want to sharpen your title?

Use terms that buyers would use to search

Add specifics such as condition and accessories

Check your spelling for accuracy

Highlight important details

Welcome charms_and_memories.
Charms_and_Memories is growing every day adding more and more wonderful new templates. You will also receive excellent customer service.

BAM BAM and PEBBLES MUSICAL Auction Template



What a wonderfully new eBay Auction Template. A playful kids theme with new aged Pebbles and Bam Bam. Don't forget their pet dinosaurs as well. Sure to welcome all your auction customers.

JOMA news and updates.

I am now able to create custom templates. Also, if you are looking for a general template, have an idea for one, just send me an email and more than likely I can create it for you. Custom or general template.

Auction Template designers are needed. Have your creations added to the site and increase your sales. CLICK HERE for more info.

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Search the entire justonemoreanimation website.
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