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Welcome to justonemoreanimation. Your place for all your eBay auction templates and more. From creative eye-catching templates that you will NOT find anywhere else, to FREE templates. Whether you are a first time seller on eBay to a top seller there is a template here for you. justonemoreanimation was built for the eBay seller. Selling on eBay is far from free and the fees can add up. Making it hard for the newbies to get going, this is why you will find dozens of FREE templates to help you get started.

Every template created and provided by justonemoreanimation only has 3 restrictions:

  1. Do NOT resell the template, as a whole or any part of it.

  2. Do NOT give the template, as a whole or any part of it, away to anyone else.

  3. Do NOT remove the copyright at the bottom of the template

That's it !!! Yup.. Feel free to use your template anywhere on the web, as many times as you want, and however you want. You can even alter the template to suite your needs. Cut it up, add to it, change it around, ect. Make the template to suit your specific needs. but please note, if you do alter the template in any way I can not offer the free support for that template.

Ebay has changed the rules again !!!!

June 2017 you will no longer be able to have ANY active content in your eBay listings. What does this mean? Well, my short version, only HTML and basic CSS code ONLY !!! Thankfully most of justonemoreanimation's templates are 100% HTML only but almost ALL templates have a no right-click code in them that helped prevent viewers from stealing any images from your listing. There was a time when this code was in very high demand, now, this simple little javascript code has caused much chaos as eBay is now rejecting it.

Rest assured this little code does NOT effect the template display in any way so it can be easily removed.

Another change eBay is wanting is for your listings to be mobile friendly. This means eBay wants your listings to be perfectly viewable on any device, whether a large monitor screen or a little hand-held phone. As much as these changes eBay is demanding, they will benefit you in the near future as hand-held devices are becoming and every day part of life and you do not want your shoppers to leave your listings pages because they can not view it properly on their little hand-held device.

So, because of these changes justonemoreanimation is currently removing ALL templates. ALL FREE templates and ALL templates in the store. Why??

Becuase they are not 100% effective anymore and justonemoreanimation has always guaranteed every template 100%.

Fret not, at first I was frustrated and ready to walk away from it all but because of such high support from so many of you beautiful customers requesting more templates I have decided to make it work. I have just created an eBay templates that is 100% active content FREE and 100% mobile friendly compliant !!!!!!  WOO HOO

Barbie Template SampleNow this is not one of my best designed template but it is a start so I am offering it here FREE for anyone willing to give it a test. You can click on the image to the left to see a larger view but as you can see it fits perfectly in a small phone without any scrolling. I still create the background image that will fill any white space on the larger monitors. All images are set to scale down to the smaller screens. I have even added the code for where you insert your own product photos so you do not have to resize your images as they should automatically size accordingly.

I would love for you to try this new template free to give me any feedback on how it worked for you. You can click on the format you prefer to open the code in below.

Click to save the template code on a Word-Pad document.     Click to save the template code on a Note-Pad document.

The wordpad will automatically download to your computer where you can then open it, the notepad will open in another browser page.

The HTML code is still color-cordinated on the word-pad document as always, to make it much easier for you so if possible I always recommend using the Word-Pad if you can.

Please feel free to email me at jomatemplates@gmail.com with any questions, problems, reccomendations, or just feedback on the use of this new template. Once I get some feedback on the new template layout I will create all new templates to add here to the site for FREE.

Thank you to all you wonderful supporters of justonemoreanimation


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Tips, tricks, and fun stuff


Want to display many pictures in your eBay listing but don’t want your page to take to long to load? Make your pictures clickable so your viewers can click your pictures to see them full size. If your page takes to long to load you are losing money. Most shoppers will not wait for a page to load more than several seconds. Google has tested and tested and can prove people are wanting pages to load within seconds. When the page doesn’t they leave and go to the next and you lose a potential sale.

Learn a simple HTML code to make all your pictures clickable. CLICK HERE to read the tutorial at the justonemoreanimation.com website.

I found this little site that is pretty fun to check out stuff on eBay: Click Here Just type in what you want to find out and see what is being the most watched. Of course you know I had to try auction templates. I did make it on the first page. Woo Hoo. I am happy with that.
Check it out and find out what’s hot on eBay…


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