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Kids Cartoon templates

Kids Cartoon templates


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Reborn baby auction templates for girls
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You can request a specific amount of picture places for your template. Most templates come with your nursery name and artist name on the template header. Please make sure you have included all this information in the "notes to seller" area when making PayPal payment. All orders are delivered to your registered PayPal e-mail address within 72 hours of payment. If any information is not included with payment, this may cause a delay in delivery time.
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Heaven's Delivery Baby Girl Reborn Template
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Heaven's Delivery Baby Girl reborn template

A delightful design to help deliver your new creation. A dreamy swan delivers the joyful baby bundle. Complete with your Nursery name and Artist name. Use on any auction site that allows you to edit the html.



Sweet Enchanted Sleep Reborn Auction Template
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Sweet Enchanted Sleep Reborn Auction Template

Who can not fall in love with a sleeping beauty? Peacefully sleeping in a beautiful enchanted world. With vibrant colors on a deep black to make your beautiful product pictures pop, grabbing your viewers attention.



Precious Petals reborn baby template

Sweet and pink like every baby girl. Complete with your nursery name and artist name.



Baby Girl Reborn Auction Template
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Baby Girl Reborn Auction template

Just plain adorable. Your visitors with just be delighted as soon as they land on your listing. Let this template do the work for you by captivating your customers attention, focusing it on your sweet little creation. Adorned in pink and purple roses with a touch of dreamy.


Roses reborn baby auction template

Stunning red and white roses on a black background. This template will add stunning detail to your listing. This template has a special animated sparkle to it. Just a touch.



Tips for the artist

There are so many artists now that the competition within the world of reborning is quite fierce. You will need to make the decision early on if you want to go higher scale, or are happy with the mid range prices that these reborn dolls fetch. Also finding a niche in the market will mean the difference for you between competing for a sale or having your babies very much in demand, this can be complex, and with another art form you will need to think it through and put in the hard work required to build your name and reputation. The hard work of course will mainly consist of your ability and focus in bringing these reborn babies to life, the attention to detail is paramount even down to the final clothing you put them in and photographs taken for your auction listing. Read More