Auction Template Instructions Tutorial

You do not need any html knowledge to use any template from Justonemoreanimation. I have created this step by step instructions with actual photos of each step to better assist you in using your template for the first time. If you run into ANY problems, don't fret. Every template from Justonemoreanimation always comes with 100% support guaranteed and always FREE. Just send me an email and within 72 hours I will respond. Now, lets get to learning how to use your new template.

For a printer friendly version without any images, CLICK HERE

First, you will receive your template html code in one of three ways from Justonemoreanimation. An example of how your template codes will look when received on a WordPad is show in the picture below.

* Saved on a WordPad document
* Saved on a Notepad document
* Copied direct from the justonemoreanimation website

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Let's get started

 Below is an example of how your auction template code will look when it comes to you on a WordPad document. You can click the image to see it in a larger view.

I always prefer to send all template on the WordPad document as it allows me to color-code the HTML code making it much easier for you. Where you paste your picture URL code will always be highlighted in red. Where you type your text in, if you prefer to do it in the HTML, is always highlighted in blue. Any extra important codes, such as music, custom videos, or other customer requested added codes are usually highlighted in green.


Let's start with a brand new listing in eBay

There are several steps you have to complete for your listing before you get to where you will be using your template. eBay starts you off with your listing category. This is the category within eBay where your listing will be most searchable.

The rest of the listing can different depending on if you own an ebay store or not and if you list with eBay's quick and easy listing creator. We need to use the standard so we can edit the listing HTML.

Just a quick answer to a question asked by many. When you first start your eBay listing there is a part where eBay lets you save a certain amount of "templates". eBay is not referring to auction templates. They are referring to saving specific listings you choose to use as templates for future listings.

Once you get your Category, Title, subtitle, and condition entered you should be at the point to upload your listing pictures. There was a time when I highly recommended inserting as many pictures as possible in your listing template as this would improve your sales. Now, due to our every-growing technology life, I recommend uploading all of your pictures (at least as many that eBay allows for free) with eBay's picture uploader. Why have I changed my mind? More and more shoppers are using their phones, ipads, and other traveling devices to shop with. When shopping on ebay from these devices the first, and main part, of the listing that is shown is the pictures uploaded to eBay. To add an extra touch you can then add one or two main pictures to your template for the customer to see while reading your listing description. It has been proven that the pictures are what sells the product so you can never have enough of them available for the buyer to see.


Uploading your pictures in ebay

Let's get your pictures uploaded into eBay for your listing.

As of today, eBay now allows you to upload up to 12 free pictures. I had to revise this tutorial because eBay is always changing and when I first created this tutorial eBay only allowed you 1 free photo upload. So note that in time I am sure they will change this again.

Once you get your pictures uploaded you may then have to enter many item specifics about your product.

Your Listing Description

After your item specific you will get to the Details (or description) box, as shown in the image above. This is where all the magic of your new Auction Template is created. Before you do anything in here you want to open up your auction template document. More than likely it came to you by e-mail on a word-pad document.

I am going to walk you through what I find the be the easiest and quickest way to edit and your template.

Inserting your pictures into the template

The first thing you will want to do is insert your pictures into your template HTML code. In order for your own pictures to work inside the auction template you will have to give your picture a URL address. To do this you will have to upload your picture to the web using a picture hosting site. Since most people use I will be using them for this tutorial, they are also the only photo hosting site I have and always will use. They are completely free and will store thousands of pictures.

To get to photobuckets tutorials Click Here.

When you upload a photo into photobucket you are given up to 4 different url addresses for each one of your pictures. The only url address you want to use in your auction templates in the "Direct Link". This is very important as all other URL address provided have extra code in them that will make your pictures clickable back to photobucket.

Once you have uploaded your pictures into photobucket, copy the url address of the first picture you want to insert into your auction template. Below is a screenshot from my photobucket account to show you the direct link URL address you want to use. Now I have set up my account where it only shows the direct link so you will not see the other available links in mine as you may see in yours.

You will see under each picture the Direct URL address. Copy this address to your computer and let's go to your auction template HTML code on your Word-Pad document.

Below is an example of how your template code should look when you open the Word-Pad document. You can click the image to see the full size view.

Go to the the three picture places that should be near the top of your code and highlighted in red. This is the complete HTML code for displaying 1 image (picture):

<p align="center"><img src="ADD YOUR PHOTO ADDRESS HERE"></p>

I am going to break down the above code for you real quick because if you understand the code, you will have a much easier and faster time using it.

The first part of the code <p align="center"> Is the HTML code to center your image. So basically if you want to align your picture to the left or the right you could just change the center to left or right. Always make sure this is inside the quotation marks or the code will not work and will automatically set to its default which is aligned to the left. With HTML you always have to close your tags, this is why there is a </p> at the very end of the code. This is ending the image code.

Next is the main picture code:  <img src="ADD YOUR PHOTO ADDRESS HERE"> You want to delete what I have highlighted in red only, the "ADD YOUR PHOTO ADDRESS HERE" and paste your picture URL address there instead. Remember, make sure your URL address remains inside the quotation marks "".

If your pictures are larger than 700 pixels they will distort your template. To resize your pictures I recommend you do this right now, in the HTML code. CLICK HERE to see how.

Continue adding your picture URL addresses into the HTML code. All templates will come with 3 picture codes. You can add as many pictures as you want or not pictures at all.

To add extra pictures into your template

If you want to add more than 3 pictures into your template, don't fret. It's easier than you think.

Simply copy one of the complete picture codes, or the code below:

<p align="center"><img src="ADD YOUR PHOTO ADDRESS HERE"></p>

Paste the code above directly underneath the last picture code in your template HTML document, then insert your picture URL address. Add one code above for each additional picture.

If you do not want to use all 3 picture places in your template simply erase the entire picture code shown above.

Now that you have your pictures inserted into your template code, the rest of your listing can be easily edited in eBay.

Copy the entire HTML code from your word-pad document and go back to your listing you started in ebay. You want to go back to the Details text box, as shown in the image below.

First make sure you click the HTML tab. Once you have clicked the HTML tab, paste your template HTML code in the big text box. It should not look like the example below.

The hardest part is already completed and that was inserting your picture codes. The rest should be easy as pie for you.

Now click the Standard tab at the top that is to the left of the HTML tab you first clicked on. Once you click the standard tab you should now see your template. An example picture below

Your should also be able to see your pictures as well. If your pictures are sized to large it will distort your template and make everything look a mess. Don't panic, this is normal and can be easily fixed. CLICK HERE to resize your pictures.

Inserting your Listing Terms

First, lets get all your listing information typed into your template. This is your description, payment, shipping, terms information. Use the scroll bar on the right of the text box to scroll up and down to view your template. Find the description area as shown in the example below. Click the image for a larger view.

Simply use your mouse and cursor to delete what I have typed in there, "ADD YOUR DESCRIPTION HERE" and type in your information. Continue this for your payment, shipping, and sales terms. You can use ebay's text editor, directly above the text box your template is in, to edit your text size, font, and color.

Once all of your information is added your template is complete. You can now continue with your listing options for eBay and get your listing up and running.

I want to end this with a Thank You for choosing justonemoreanimation auction templates. I know there are hundreds of wonderful template designers out there so it is and honor to know you choose my designs. You can continue reading for some help answers to some very typical template questions and problem.


Resizing your pictures

If your pictures are to large they will distort your template. It is highly recommended to use pictures no larger than 700 pixels wide. All new templates created by justonemoreanimation are created in a special way to work for both computers and hand-held devices. To do this they have to be created at a fixed width. This is why pictures used larger than 700 pixels can distort the template.

You use to be able to easily click and drag your pictures to size in eBay but after just checking I see that is no longer available so we are going to have to do this in the HTML code.

The standard picture code as it comes in your auction template:

<p align="center"><img src="ADD YOUR PHOTO ADDRESS HERE"></p>

We now want to add an extra tiny bit of code to the picture code above to resize your picture. You edit it in your WordPad document to look like the code below or just copy the code below and replace it with the picture code in your document.

<p align="center"><img src="ADD YOUR PHOTO ADDRESS HERE" width="500"></p>

Notice how after your picture url address I added the width="500" This is setting your picture to 500 pixels wide. Also notice there is no height added. I highly recommending never adding the height code because if you do not add the exact height it will distort your pictures. by leaving out the height it will automatically adjust the height to perfectly fit the width you set it to. You can change the width number to be higher or lower just remember, never use larger than 700.



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