Template instructions by justonemoreanimation.com


You do not need any html knowledge to use any template from Justonemoreanimation. I have created this step by step instructions with actual photos of each step to better assist you in using your template for the first time. If you run into ANY problems, don't fret. Every template from Justonemoreanimation always comes with 100% support guaranteed and always FREE. Just send me an email and within 24 hours I will respond. Now, lets get to learning how to use your new template.
First, you will receive your template html code in one of three ways from Justonemoreanimation. An example of how your template codes will look when received on a WordPad is show in the picture below.

* Saved on a WordPad document
* Saved on a Notepad document
* Copied direct from the justonemoreanimation website

Let's start with a brand new listing:

Select your category for you listing. Note in the picture below. I have circled the "sell with a template". This can confuse many new sellers. This is not referring to your new template. This is an option ebay gives you to save a certain amount of listings you have already created. When you are finished with your listing, Ebay will ask you if you want to save that listing as a template. It is actually saving your listing, referring to it as a template. This is an easy way to list other items using the same layout. Everything will be saved and all you have to do is make any changes within the actual listings. The Option circled below is where you would pick a specific listing you have saved as a "template".

Once you get your category picked you will be taken to the next page. Fill out all your listing information (title, subtitle, condition, ect.)until you get to the part to upload your 1 FREE listing photo. This is the photo that shows next to your listings in the eBay search. This picture will not be in your template. We will get to that part in a bit.

Remember, Your first picture is free. If you upload more pictures this way, Ebay will charge you a fee for every extra picture you upload after the first. You will soon learn how to showcase all your photos inside your template, FREE.
After you have uploaded your one picture, you will be ready to insert your new template. First, click on the html tab, shown in picture below. If there is anything already typed inside the text box you will want to erase it. You want to start with a clean slate. Next, go to your new template html code. Highlight the entire code, right click and click on copy. Click once anywhere inside the HTML text box for your listing. Right click and click on paste. This should have pasted your entire html code into the text area as shown in the second picture below.

Now that you have pasted the html code for your template into the description area, we are going to insert your FREE listing photos inside the template. Most people use photobucket to store their pictures. This is what gives the picture a url address to use in your templates. They are completely free and pretty easy to use. In the html code for your template there are 3 codes to display 3 pictures. If you received your template code on a WordPad document, these 3 spots will be highlighted in RED in the WordPad document so you can easily find them. You can also paste your picture url addresses right in the WordPad document first, then copy the entire code and paste into the HTML text box of your listing.
<p align="center"><img src="ADD YOUR PHOTO ADDRESS HERE"></p>
If you need more than 3 pictures you can copy the code above and paste directly underneath the the last picture code in your template. NOTE: The <p align at the begin with the </p> at the end is what centers your photos. If you wanted them aligned left or to the right, you can just change the CENTER to left or right. You can also pre-size your pictures as well. Simply add a width to your picture. NOTE: I recommend not adding a height. By just adding the width will cause the computer to automatically adjust the height to the proper size for your picture without causing any distortions.
<p align="center"><img src="ADD YOUR PHOTO ADDRESS HERE" width="500"></p>
I recommend using pictures no larger than 600 pixels in width for templates from justonemoreanimation. To much larger can cause the template itself to become distorted. This is because most templates created by justonemoreanimation are done at a total template width of 1000 pixels to prevent your viewers from having to scroll left and right to see your entire listing, whether you have your store categories displayed in your listings or not.
Once you are in your photobucket account, your page will look similar to the picture below. All new accounts begin with 4 given addressed under each photo uploaded.

In your account you are going to see 4 address displayed under each of your photos. Mine only shows 2 as I have set my account up that way. You are only going to need one code. The direct link code only. First, upload your image to your account. Click the blue button to locate your image on your computer. After your image has uploaded to your account, copy the "direct link" address given under your picture.
Now you can go back to the html code for your template in your Ebay listing format or on your word-pad. Locate the picture code: <img src="add your photo address here"> In-between the 2 quotation marks you want to highlight the add your photo address here by dragging your mouse over the entire sentence. Once it is highlighted you can hit your delete button on your keyboard to erase my text, while your cursor is still in-between the 2 quotation marks you can right click and click on paste to paste your image direct link url address into the code. Now you can do this for every picture you want to display in your template. Once you have all your pictures pasted into the html part you click the standard view as shown in the picture to the below. Once in the standard view, you can easily add all your information for your listing.

If you didn't need all three picture codes, once you click over to the standard view you will see little boxes with little red X's in them. This is where the picture codes are that you didn't use. Click once on the little box (this also works with removing any image in your template). This will bring up little boxes on each corner and side (see picture below). To remove that image just hit your delete button on your keyboard once. You can also adjust the size of your image by taking your mouse and grabbing one of the little square boxes, holding and dragging it to the size you wish.

Now you can erase my text and add all yours. You can use the selections above (shown in picture to below) to align, resize, and color your text. Every template sold from Justonemoreanimation comes complete with 100% support guaranteed and always free so if you run into any problems with your template just send me an email.